“ Seeing student work in real-time is a key benefit. I can quickly identify student errors and provide students the assistance they need. ”

—Middle School Teachers, Brimmer and May School ”

“ A fellow teacher showed me the ropes and I was up and running creating assignments, using the system very quickly. ”

—Jesse Dix, Teacher, Bedford High School

“ i4class is a REALLY AWESOME tool for students to get a lot more out of class, a lot more out of homework, and a lot more out of independent study. ”

—Lisa Robertson, ABE Coordinator, Windham Raymond Adult Education

“ I save a lot of time correcting assessments because I don't spend ANY time correcting CORRECT answers. I focus all my time on incorrect answers and giving partial credit. ”

—Jerry Peters, Teacher, Bedford High School

“ I know before the students come to class exactly how each student has done on their homework. Now I can more effectively focus class time and provide directed help to individual students. ”

—Marcia Burns, Teacher, Bedford High School


“ i4class makes it easier to understand what the teacher is teaching. ”

—Andrew, Student, Bedford High School

“ I like that it tells me if my answer is wrong so that I can go back and fix it. ”

—Christian, Student, Brimmer and May school

“ I like seeing how I compare to the rest of the class
when we do classwork. ”

—Sasha, Student, Brimmer and May School

“ It allows the smarter kids to move ahead quicker. ”

—Nate, Student, Bedford High School

“ It's really easy to use. ”

—Terry, Student, Bedford High School

“ It tells me when my answers are right or wrong and has tutorials to show you how to do everything right. ”

—Keith, Student, Brimmer and May school

“ It helps me do my homework without help from the teacher. ”

—Sara, Student, Brimmer and May School