Decades of research has shown that providing timely feedback and assistance is the number one way to help students learn.
 With i4class, feedback and assistance is immediate. This empowers students to be more effective, engaged, and independent learners both in and out of the classroom.

Instant Feedback

With i4class, students do all of their assignments, both in and out of class, using any computing device, but typically a tablet device. Students complete their work using the i4class infinite scratchpad, and then enter their answers into a subject specific keypad. They are immediately told whether their answer is correct, which allows them to either proceed on confidently or avoid repeating incorrect practices.

Immediate Assistance

If students are struggling, they tap on the step‐by‐step button and get help in a variety of formats. This variety provides students with multiple perspectives and accommodates their various learning styles. This helps students get their homework and classwork right as they are doing it and reduces the need for remedial support or tutoring. It also allows students to successfully do assignments even if they miss a class or have trouble understanding what was presented in class.


Blended learning allows for more efficient use of time and place. Data driven instruction allows teachers to be much more proactive. Real‐time remediation reduces the need for re‐teaching. With i4class you get all three.

Blended Learning

i4class allows teachers to easily combine traditional face‐to‐face instruction with online instruction in a seamless manner. Teachers fluidly mix and match lessons, assignments & formative assessments that can be differentiated based on individual, group or class needs. This results in more efficient and effective instruction.

Data Driven Instruction

As students work, a teachers’ i4class dashboard is instantly updated with detailed analytics about student and class results. This saves teachers hours of grading time and allows them to instantly identify student and class wide issues. Teachers can use this data to differentiate their instruction and proactively base their in‐the‐moment classroom instruction or upcoming lesson plans on real-time performance data. This makes instruction more focused, directed and effective.

Real‐Time Feedback & Remediation

i4class allows teachers to see, in real‐time, the actual work students have done on their i4class scratchpads. Teachers can readily identify why students are struggling and can annotate the students’ work in real‐time. This provides for more timely and effective student remediation and drastically reduces the need for after the fact re‐teaching that comes as a result of collecting, grading, and handing back assignments at a future time.