A little bit about us

Ron Ayotte - Founder

Ron is a businessman, with over 20 years of experience directing large scale software development organizations, a technologist, who has pioneered through many generations of technology, and an educator, who has taught at the college and high school level. He has a degree in math education with a minor in computer science from the University of Connecticut, an MBA from Babson College, and is certified by the Project Management Institute (PMI) in large-scale project management.

Aprosoft - Software Development

Aprosoft is a global software development services company. They provide technology and business consulting expertise, product development, application management, integration, and testing services. They have worldwide locations, expertise in building versatile mobile/tablet based applications, a proven track record of success across a myriad of technologies and industries, and employ leading edge development practices.

Curriculum Content Development

Curriculum Content is built by a network of teachers with over 110 years of collective teaching experience.

Advisory Board

Raj Melville - Executive Director at the Deshpande Foundation. Senior executive at five technology startups. Twenty five years of product management, marketing and consulting experience.

Rick Capozza - President and CEO of two very large, successful businesses. Member of the Board of Directors of several successful start-ups. Experienced with mergers, acquisitions and taking companies public.

Pat Riemitis - VP, K-12 STEM Solutions for iCarnegie Global Learning. Twenty years of product management, marketing, and consulting experience. Assisted in the launch of over a dozen startups. Trustee for the Benjamin Franklin Institute of Technology.

Carol Ayotte - Senior Vice President of two very large financial institutions. Extensive experience with C-level executives of Fortune 100 companies. Experience running sizable business units. Ambassador for The Science Club for Girls.

Bill Manburg - Experienced finance and accounting professional with extensive non-profit and entrepreneurial experience in all aspects of financial and human resource management and operations.