Student pointing at a blackboard that has a chalk drawing of an Edison lightbulb. Student pointing at a blackboard that has a chalk drawing of an Edison lightbulb.

i4class is Reshaping the way teachers teach and students learn

A Real‐Time, Blended Learning, and Formative Assessment Application for 1:1 Classrooms Grades 6 – 12

Empowers Students

Enables Teachers

Instant Feedback

  • Students use any computer or mobile device in or out of the classroom
  • Personalized content helps them learn quicker
  • Instant feedback instills confidence and avoids repeating mistakes
  • Work and results always available and permanently saved
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Instant feedback

Immediate Assistance

  • Students receive immediate assistance as they are working
  • Students get exercises right in addition to getting them done
  • Students can progress even if they miss a class
  • Reduces the need for remedial support or tutoring
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Immediate Assistance

Data Driven Instruction

  • Automated grading saves hours of time each week
  • Reports and analytics are available in real‐time
  • Identify student and class issues in seconds
  • Revise class activities in‐the‐moment
  • Plan lessons based on pre-knowledge of homework results
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Data driven instruction

Real‐Time Remediation

  • View student work in real‐time
  • Understand why students are struggling
  • Annotate student work as it is completed
  • Provides quicker remediation to students
  • Reduces re-teaching time
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Real-time remediation

Extensible and Customizable

  • Co-mingle our content, your content, and web content on the fly
  • Use blended learning ( eg. flip-the-class ) to complement face-to-face instruction
  • Create formative assessments & assignments in seconds
  • Differentiate based on individual, group or class needs
  • Device agnostic: mobile devices, tablets, laptops, desktops on all operating systems
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